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One Year Home with Willow

Wow! One year! I continue to be blown away by the blessing of adoption. I have not done a post adoption update in awhile but celebrating 1 year with your forever family is a big deal so here it goes.   You can read the past posts here 7 month post adoption 4 month post adoption 2 month post adoption
Our one year anniversary of Willow's Gotcha Day was officially on March 28th.  A day we will never forget.  She was so brave on that day as she took on a whole new world with strangers essentially.  She embraced us as best as she could and each day after she would come out of her shell a little more.  To see the transformation in this tiny but mighty girl has been extraordinary. 
And if by chance you have not seen our Gotcha Day Video, you can click on this link
God works in such wondrous ways and this journey has been nothing short of amazing.  Yes, there are hard times.  It's not a smooth sailing "safe & comfortable" decisio…

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