First Post Ever and Our Recap of Christmas!


This is Bittersweet for me as I write the very first blog post for our family.  I could go on and on how much I regret not doing this sooner but honestly I'm just thankful that I'm starting and my goal is to recap all of the fun, crazy, happy and even the not so wonderful times in our families lives.

As a photographer it was a little hard for me to let go of the fact that all these pictures won't be technically perfect. In fact many are from the iphone or an easy to use camera to catch those moments quickly.  My focus for this blog is to document all those funny sayings, the trips, the everyday stuff and all the ups and downs that we face so that I can publish them each year into a book for our family to have.  If its encouraging, funny, or leaves you wanting more then that is just a bonus :)

Most of you reading...already know my family and some much longer than others so here is a short brief description of us.  We are loud, crazy, fun-loving and are On the GO ALOT!  In fact we are leaving for Disney World in less than 6 days and Tyler is taking the boys to the Deer Lease today so I'll be taking down Christmas decorations and getting everyone packed in the next 48 hours :)  I'd like to think we function better in a little bit of Chaos.  If its ever too quiet in the Richardson household, then something is either wrong or we are just not home!

We are not Perfect by any means but we strive to be more like Jesus everyday. He is the Truth, the Way and the Light and is what keeps our family going through thick and thin.  We are blessed and humbled by his Mercy, Grace and Unconditional Love he pours upon us everyday even when we do not deserve it.  He is the foundation of our home but we still stumble, fall and make mistakes.  We know that our God will pick us back up and love us no matter what and for that we are forever Grateful!

Here is our Christmas Card that we mailed out this Year

Tyler (30), Brooke/Me (almost 30), Aiden (4 1/2), Cooper (almost 3)

Our Friend Jessica with Aravaggio Photography took these, she is so Awesome! It's always nice when we have Our professional photos done so I can actually be in them :) As Moms we know that sometimes mom gets left out of all the pictures taken!

Now on to CHRISTmas....
We went over to my brother Colby's new house for Christmas Eve this year.  Normally every Christmas Eve from as long as I can remember is spent at my Mimi's home so this year was difficult that she wasn't physically with us.  We talk about her frequently and know that she is always in our hearts. We miss her dearly everyday and will never forgot the countless memories we shared with her! For those who know me, know my Mimi as well.  She Loved and Lived to the fullest and Gave freely.  She was so generous and kind and didn't want any recognition for it! 

Here is me and my beautiful Mom at my brothers house on Christmas Eve

This is a Collage of some other photos taken (mainly with an iPhone) from Christmas Eve. The highlight was definitely the boys opening their Captain America costumes.  Cooper is also crazy about hockey right now so that is basically all they even asked for from Santa.  You will see shortly Santa clearly went above and beyond those simples requests the boys had ;)

Christmas Morning was so exciting for All of US! Mostly for Tyler and I to see the boys faces light up when their Big Santa Gift was Revealed.  They had no idea at all what they were about to see! When they first woke up, we did stockings and let them open their wrapped gifts from Mommy & Daddy.

Cooper didn't leave my lap all morning, it takes him a little longer to fully wake up!

After presents inside, we opened a note from Santa that was left on the mantle that told the boys how hard Santa and the elves had been working on their special gift that was awaiting them in the backyard. We quickly put jackets on them and shoes and took them outside to see. Tyler snuck out first so he could video their reaction to their Big Santa Gift.

Aiden quickly ran over to play set, mostly stunned with a HUGE grin on his face.

Cooper didn't run to it but more so just starred at it trying to take it all in. He gave me a thumbs up :)

They played outside for about an hour as we waited for my dad and the rest of the family to come over.

We let the boys open their presents first. Aiden has the best reactions to each present, it is such a Joy to watch. He really loved his new belt and the belt buckle was actually our Grandaddy's from when he was a little boy. Cooper gets stuck on a toy which in particular was a ninja turtle this year and he didn't really care to open any other presents for awhile. He was hooked on that one toy for awhile.

This was baby Rylynn's first Christmas which is my Cousin Hailey's daughter. She is 5 months in this picture of my Peachie(dad's mom) giving her some love.  SO Cute!

I love this one of my brother tickling Cooper in his costume that he had to put on AGAIN!

We didn't take a Ton of Pictures on Christmas Day but these definitely are not all of them. The boys skipped a nap today as their Uncle T, Amanda and NeeNee all arrived about 2:30. They were so excited to show them their playset outside. We lounged around and watched some movies upstairs and played with new Christmas Toys!!!  I surprised Tyler with a laptop and he surprised me with a Turquoise Kitchen Aid Mixer. Those were are favorite gifts from one another :)  

We opened more gifts with Tyler's mom Anita, his brother Tyson and sister in law Amanda, then we ate dinner and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus. It's a fun tradition we do every year and always make sure our boys know the real meaning of Christmas and why we celebrate it. 

Here are a few more pictures we took for before Christmas day was over.  Anita is holding Diesel and Buddy in the bottom picture who are both Pomapoo's. Anita said she wanted a picture with both her grand doggies :)

And finally this is the One and only Family picture that we got on Christmas day! I'm thankful we got one before the day was over.  

We had a very blessed Christmas with all of our family and hope yours was too!  It was full of fun, love, food and more. As always I'm exhausted by the end of the day but thankfully we got to be in our home all day so no traveling anywhere for us this year. We wish you all an amazing year in 2014, its going to be a Great!





  1. Hi Brooke, I love your Blog. Your family is so cute.


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