The Richardsons - Recap of 2015

Well, we made it through another year and somehow yet again I convinced myself that 2016 will be the year that I consistently (okay somewhat consistently) keep up with our family through this blog.  I've always loved the idea but haven't made it happen yet.  So this is the year!!! I can do it!!

Here are some highlights in 2015.


In January we went to Great Wolf Lodge! We always have a blast there and it was libby's first time. Looking back I miss how chubby she was and look how much darker her hair was!!!


In February, it was Libby's first Valentines so of course I had to document it!  Cuteness x's 3!!!

We also got a good amount of snowfall in february so I pulled out the nice camera for some snow pictures. That's a must especially when you live in Texas! 


In March, we celebrated Cooper's 4th Birthday with a Big Hero 6 theme at a trampoline Park! It was super fun and the kiddos definitely burned off some energy. :) And who doesn't love Baymax?  One of the cutest Disney movies I've seen. 

My Birthday is in March too, just 4 days after Coopers but now that I'm a parent, the celebrations usually aren't as big of a deal. And I'm okay with that!!! :)

We also started Spring baseball in March. This was Cooper's first ever time to play. They both enjoyed it but there were so many rainouts towards the end,  it was the weirdest season.


In April we actually went back to Great Wolf Lodge with the Andersons.  It was a blast yet again. The boys have so much fun playing with their friends.  Libby enjoyed it a bit more too and loved the water. She has always been a water baby.

We celebrated Easter in Brownwood and because it was Libby's first Easter, I have to share :) We love her little bulldog lip. Its so pouty and cute but don't let if foul you. She is happy 99.9% of the time.

We are all looking and Smiling :) #Miracle

The most exciting part of 2015 was probably our Disney Trip to Disneyworld for 4 nights and then a Disney cruise for the next 4 nights on the Disney Dream cruise ship!!!  We left for this trip the end of April and returned in May. Here are some of my favorite pictures but honestly too hard to even narrow down. I love all of them. Let me just say that I love Disney with all my heart, maybe even more than the kids.  It really is the most magical place on earth.


It was officially May when we got onboard the DISNEY DREAM! If you have not been on a disney cruise, They are a must! Its enjoyable for everyone! The shows were my favorite part and the stop to Castaway Cay...Disney's own private island....AMAZING! These pictures don't do any justice. I've already decided I need to go backwards a bit and do a entire separate post from this Disney trip. 

Also in May, Aiden graduated from the Kindergarten program at First Baptist Learning Center. He had the best teacher Mrs. Emily and such a great year overall. 

On one of the last days of school, Daddy got to be the mystery reader in both of their classes.  What better book to read other than, We are going on a Bear Hunt!!!

This was Aiden and Cooper's first day on the left and last day on the right :)

A few days later we watched Daddy and Uncle T to a sprint triathlon at Cooper Fitness! 
 It was also Tyler's Birthday which made the race extra fun. There aren't many other things he would rather be doing on his birthday believe it or not. I was happy to be there cheering him on :)
Go Team Richardson!!!

We had a lot going on in May needless to say but not everything was a highlight.  In May of 2015, this is a time we will never forget.  We lost one of our dearest friends, Jordan Greene. We are so thankful for all the memories we have and will never forget him.  Rest in Peace now friend. 


Moving onto June now. Wow I'm just now realizing how long this post is going to be!!! We celebrated Aiden's 6th Birthday Star Wars Rebel style.  It was a beautiful day outside and we managed to fit an awesome water slide in the backyard. The kiddos had a blast! I must admit I went down the slide several times too :)

On his actual birthday we had it all decorated when he woke up. He definitely was feeling extra special. How is my oldest baby 6???


In July, we spent most of the month swimming over at De De and Randy's house! This was July 4th :) They had their life jackets on here but they were swimming like little fish the rest of Summer!

Just because she is SO Cute and patriotic!!!

America is #1!

And lots more Swimming! We swam quite a bit in August too!

Snack break with De De!!!

Life is rough. Taking a nap on the pool float! 


In August, Aiden started Kindergarten at Wilmeth Elementary in Mrs. Johnson's class. He loves going to school so that made it a lot easier on this mama's heart. I actually didn't cry on his first day.   I was really surprised.  He is our little social butterfly, entertainer, host, and helper just like his daddy :) We are so proud of how is he doing this year at Big Boy School (that's what we call it) 


 In September, Cooper started School at FBLC again which is also where we go to church.  He goes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:15-2:15.  His sweet face just melts my heart. Seriously he is our little Cooper Bear.  I love his little voice, his imaginative stories and his sweet sweet spirit.  We love him so much!!!


The newest member of the Richardson Family was born in September! What a perfect little gift from God.  Our Nephew, Mr. Garrett Lee has arrived!  Look how awake and alert he is here :)

Then I had the privilege of doing his newborn photos.  I believe he was just 5 or 6 days old.  Such a precious little joy.  

Look at his little smile here while his mama kisses his cheek. LOVE!!!

As if enough big things weren't happening this month, Tyler and his buddies did the Stonebridge Olympic race! They did great and came in second place in their division!!! Woo hoo!


October was a really GREAT month!!! It was jam packed with everything from the arboretum, a trip to OHIO, a Bengals football game,  Libby's 1st Birthday, trick or treating and MORE....

I was really excited about some of my new mantel decorations for the fall season even though the weather was still really hot here in Texas. #justgowithit

This was from our trip to the Arboretum.  It's such a beautiful place to visit and their pumpkin patch is insanely cute. So many adorable photo opportunities!!!  

We planned this trip a couple months prior and were so excited to visit Eric and Jenny Winston in Ohio. Technically their home is in Kentucky on the other side of the river but check out this view from their house of downtown Cinncinati. WOW!

This was the day before the big game on the field. We got to watch them practice. Definitely a cool experience. This is Tyler and Libby with his Best friend from high school Eric Winston and his daughter Josephine :) 

Libby Looking at Daddy like, What in the world is on your head? :)

A pic of us before the big game on Sunday. Go BENGALS!!!

All smiles at the game! It was seriously the best game ever and to be there in person cheering for one of our good friends was priceless! Another gorgeous day too! Libby actually managed to take a long nap during the game too. Don't ask me how.  WHO DEY!!!

The next BIG event happening in October was Libby's 1st Birthday and I thought, what would be more fitting than a Fall Pumpkin Patch Birthday!!! Here is her invitation :) 

Our baby girl is 1, how can it be??? #tear

Isn't her Cake Beautiful? My friend Carrie always does an amazing job!

Singing to our baby girl.....I can't believe how fast the time has flown by. I know I know...Everyone says that!!! It's so true though!

She enjoyed her cake. Mainly to just make a mess with it and also to feed everybody else but herself. HA! #sillygirl

What a special day! It was the perfect celebration for our Precious Elisabeth Grace!!! 

And Because I'm a photographer I had to do an official cake smash session for her in my studio! 

Does it even get any Cuter than this? Her expression is so her personality too.  Such a light and happy little girl! A huge blessing to our family and perfect addition! 

Next up was Halloween...and the kiddos go nuts over this day!!! Actually Libby had no idea what was going on, but she went a long with it :)  I get pretty excited about the halloween candy. #givemeALLthereeses

Aiden and Cooper were Ninjas! If you ask Aiden, he was the Master Ninja. Haha!  And Miss Libby was the cutest little pig you ever saw.  Seriously, I can hardly take it!!! 

Every year Tyler sets up the Frankenstein. All the kids love it. He also puts Caution tape all over the yard, Tiki torches and has halloween music playing! It really sets the mood ;) Happy Halloween!

So Libby figured it out pretty quickly how this whole candy thing went. This was actually her first experience ever with a sucker and once she realized how much she loved them, you better not dare take one from her.  #watchout

Taking a break and helping Papa Mike pass out candy.

My little Ninjas!!! 

Whew! We made it through October!!! Now for more Holiday fun!!! 


In November, we decided to take an impromptu trip to the Gaylord Texan. We didn't do ICE but the boys ended up snow tubing which was a huge hit. Then we just walked around, looked at all the gorgeous decorations and had a late lunch there!  It was a great way to get excited about the Holidays!!! #myfavoritetimeoftheyear

Then Buddy the Elf returned with a North Pole Breakfast :)

My Kids could live off of donuts and strawberries for breakfast. Definitely a favorite all around!!!

We also made a visit with Santa! The same one we go to every year! A lot changes in one year...mygoodness!
Thanksgiving was really special this year. We went over to Tyson and Amanda's house. All the sweet little cousins could play and all the food was amazing as well!!!  This isn't a great family picture but the whole point is.... that we got ONE.  I'm going to make a conscience effort to get more pictures of the whole family.  

My 3 little Turkeys!!! #sothankful

Tyler also started a new job with Summit Funding as the Marketing Developer for the JOY team. I'm so proud of him.  He is loving his new job and excited about the future with Summit Funding. 


DECEMBER is HERE! One of my favorite months of the YEAR!!!!

We started the month off by taking a family trip to Keystone, Colorado.  It was our family, Tyler's mom Anita, my brother Colby and his fiance Jennifer.  Other than Libby getting really sick, it was a fun trip but an exhausting trip both physically and mentally.  I needed a vacation from my vacation. LOL! #seriously #mykneestillhurtsfromfalling 

BUT the views were breathtaking. Views we will never experience in Texas.  

Keystone was so Charming and family friendly!!!

The boys did ski school 2 of the days and MY it will put a dent in your bank account. #nolie

Look at that sweet innocent face #dontlettheredhairfoolyou #lol

Tyler and Colby skied the most and I maybe skied half a day each day.  Night Skiing was Incredible! It felt like you had the whole mountain all to yourself,  it was so peaceful and you could see the whole town lit up below.  I really enjoy skiing but I couldn't bare leaving my sick girl for any longer than what I did.  We were so thankful Anita was there to help take such good care of her.  #altitudesicknessforbabiesisawful

Our family picture. Libby looks miserable but by this day she was actually feeling a lot better compared to other days. #poorbaby

See she Smiles :) #thecutestsnowbunnyever

Getting me some Cooper Love #tylerphotobombedus

Can you believe the boys swam in our resort pool? I must say that the hot tub felt amazing until it was time to get out.  I've never been so cold in my life. 

This was our resort. It was literally a winter wonderland! Such a beautiful sight!

Till next time....

Now on to all the Christmas festivities!!! First we went to Brownwood to celebrate with Tyler's Mom side of the family.  It's always good to see everyone and MY all the kiddos have grown so much and multiplied. Lol! This is Gran Gran and Pa Pa with all their Grandkids and Great Grandkids! #somuchlove

Little Libby and her daddy have the sweetest relationship. She is definitely a daddy's girl and I'm pretty sure she already has him wrapped around her little finger. #goodluckwiththat

Look at these cousins playing...The boys were getting ready to go hunting!

On Christmas Eve, Tyler's Dad, Tyson, Amanda plus their little boys Zachary and Garrett came over. Pop Pop got both Aiden and Cooper Skateboards #gunacausegreyhairsforsure
and lots of fun toys for the kiddos. It was a very special day. We had an awesome lunch together and since it was warm in Texas, all the kids could play with their new toys outside :) 

The Mohawk helmet was a specific Wish from Aiden this year! He cracks me up :)

Watch out, he's on wheels!!!

Libby loved watching everyone!

Later in the Day on Christmas Eve, we went to my Brother Colby's house. Here is the whole crew :) We are a crazy bunch!! Lol! Not really! #maybejustalittle

My Serious Stormtroopers! Costumes are always a hit for these 2 and they are crazy about Star Wars right now!!! 

This picture is just too sweet of our Cooper not to share! My little redhead!!! #pleasestopgrowing

Libby and her De De :)

After all the fun, we still managed to get the kiddos home and in bed by 9 so the busy elves could begin working and preparing for Christmas morning! 

Look at these hard working brothers making a tee pee. I seriously did not realize how big it was till they pulled it out. 

And finally we could go to sleep and get ready for the big day....Christmas Morning! 

Cooper was the first to wake up. He was so excited to see what Santa brought him :)

Libby just waking up and checking it all out!

It was really special this Christmas having Anita, Tyson, Amanda and their boys over Christmas morning. They actually stayed the night with us Christmas Eve so it was one BIG sleepover.  The cousins really enjoyed each other too! The best part about Memories is making them :)

Nee Nee with her Boys and their boys! #libbywasasleep

Another round of present opening....

Aiden inspecting his new cowboy boots. He was super pumped! #lookhowbighisfootis

Cooper I think got most excited about yet another nerf gun!! #thatkid #obsessedwithnerfguns

So Papa Mike got the boys new Cowboy gear and I must say they were all very Styling so I brought out the nice camera again for a really Great picture.   I love their facial expressions.  I didn't even pose them either. :)  #toocool

By the end of the day on Christmas I realized I barely got any pictures. Atleast I was in the moment though.  Notice Libby holding on to Tyler's legs.  She does this every single time he walks in the door or she just wants him to hold her. #whichisalways #lookslikesheisjealous

And see she got what she wanted :) Cooper won't always be able to fit on his daddy's hip.  I definitely can't hold him that way anymore. 

Our ONE family pic on Christmas Day! Not to mention they were pretty much melting down at this point and it was near impossible to get anything. #youshouldofseenmyattempt #lotsofchaos #parentfail

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without the birth of Jesus Christ.  We celebrate his birth every year because he is the real reason for the season!  We will forever be grateful and thankful for the new mercies he gives us every single day. We may fail as parents and totally screw up at times but our Savior loves us unconditionally no matter what.  And that is the greatest gift of all.  That no matter what, he is always there for us longing to have an intimate relationship with each and every one of us. #nowthatslove

Well this wraps up our year in review! It was Bittersweet going back through all these events and photos. I really wish I had dedicated many of these occasions with their own posts but that's what I plan to do in 2016.  I know I can do it!! I'd love for you to leave a comment with your favorite part of this post! Thanks for checking it out!!!

We are beyond blessed and look forward to everything that God has planned for us in 2016!!!


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