Birthdays, Summer, Swimming and More!

Here we go again! My failed attempt to keep up with my blog and only about 6 months since my last post. LOL. Seriously though my new plan is to just blog every Monday to recap the week before and maybe some extras in between. #gottakeepmygoalsincheck #holdmeaccountable

So it's Summer time and even though we have been fairly busy,  I haven't signed my kids up for any camps.  As of that bad?  They did do backyard bible club through our church at First McKinney and they loved doing that but it's been so nice not having to get in the car by this time, and be there, pick up at this time, libby misses at nap, etc. #canigetanamen

We have gone to the gym mondays and wednesday, the kiddos love to play and I attend a group workout class.  We have swam at our gym and over at my moms quite a bit here and there.  Swimming makes you hungry and tired which isn't a bad thing so we fit that in when we can. The more Summer that passes the more I think it sure would be nice to have a pool.  Our neighborhood doesn't have a pool and we aren't apart of Stonebridge so we don't have that access to several pools in Mckinney.  Instead of just recapping last week, I'm going to recap our Summer so far and then start to recap each week prior.  So next Tuesday (since Monday is July 4th) I'll recap this week leading up to July 4th.  #thatstheplan

So as soon as Aiden finished Kindergarten, his 7th birthday party was that weekend on June 5th. It was at Obstacle Warrior Kids in McKinney. #ninjawarriorstyle

Here are some highlights from the party! It sure was nice to have this one at a location other than our house ;) Its so much less work and prep.  Don't get me wrong though....I love to plan a party! And I love when we host them at our home as well.

Aiden loves these boys....Noah Luke and Zach & he always loves another nerf gun #howmanycanonekidhave

Party Favors!!! Simple and cute #ididn'tdothem

Sweet Cooper enjoying the party!

They have such neat obstacles for the kids, they are all a sweaty mess when it's over! 

He acts bashful sometimes but he loves the attention :) 

Libby was so excited when her cousin Zachary arrived to the party! Don't they look like brother and sister? It's just beyond precious.  Zachary is about 6 months older than Libby.

I totally failed on getting that family picture of us on at his party!!! #ugh 

On Aiden's actual birthday which is June 9th, we had a pretty low key day. We met some friends at the park that morning with donuts.  Then we hung out at the house most of the day.  Aiden decided he wanted his birthday dinner to be at Texas Roadhouse #finebyme so that is where we went. He loves eating the peanuts there and always loves a good steak and baked potato. :)  We adore our sweet Aiden boy so much and can't believe he is 7 now. 7 just sounds so big to me. 

This was afters Aiden's Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

This collage features him in different ages (obviously) but I'll be more specific :) The top left was from his 2nd birthday party which was at a splash pad and the theme was finding nemo.  The top right he was only about 4 weeks old. Below that, it was Memorial Day 2012. The bottom right was from our fall family photo shoot in 2013 and the bottom left was the award he got at the end of this school year. #future president

Here are some pictures I snapped of him on his actual birthday just capturing his sweet spirit and  what he loves to wear daily! We know God has BIG plans for you!!!

The next exciting Summer event was Aiden's baseball tournament. It was so fun and intense to watch the Cardinals not only play so well but WIN the Championship!!!! We were overjoyed and the boys were so pumped!!!! These boys have been together for quite some time playing baseball so it's been fun to watch this team grow.  So far it's looking like all I'm elaborating on is Aiden....Lol. I promise my other kids are feeling the LOVE too. 

I shot this top pic with my good camera during the game, pretty sure this one needs to go in his room. 

#1 Go Cardinals!!!

His medal, we celebrated after the big win at Bahama Bucks!!!

This is just an everyday pic of my three crazies on June 13th before bed! Id like to point out the massive bag of Cheese its that Libby is holding. LOL! 

I actually do not like them eating on the couch at all but when I saw them all snuggled up on the couch, I had to snap this picture first. 

And since July 4th is approaching we took a few themed shots inside the studio and outside 

Fathers Day was right around the corner and we had plans but they changed at the last minute so it ended up being a pretty low key weekend.  On saturday we put together a bunk bed in Coopers room which he has always wanted.  It was so fun to see their faces light up when it was finished.  Aiden and Cooper have slept in it together almost every night since. 

Then Saturday evening we met our dear friends the Maxwells at the Beach club. It was pretty much Libby's first time ever in the sand and she absolutely loved it! It actually wasn't scorching hot and not too crowded either. #win

Aiden and Cooper are playing football in the water with their pal Aiden Maxwell.

Right as we were packing up to leave Tyler and the kiddos were looking out towards the water. I told them to walk out a bit and Bam....this photo was born! Then I think I took maybe 50 or so more.  

It was the perfect photo to remember this 2016 Father's Day weekend by!

On Sunday, we went to church and couldn't resist a picture with the Super Dad photo booth!!! How cute is this?

After church, we grabbed lunch and then I actually ended up taking the kiddos to see Finding Dory while Tyler stayed home with Libby. It was Libby's nap time so Tyler enjoyed some time to just relax while we were gone.  Plus Tyler knew I would probably cry if I didn't get to see Finding Dory. Haha #disneyforlife 

After the movie, the boys and I met Tyler and Libby over at my moms to swim. We failed to get any pictures but it was a fun time!!! We all got to cool off a bit and be silly in the pool. #makingmemories

On a random day, Tyler snapped this picture! #lol I think Libby is missing the point here.....She likes to practice going potty but every time she takes her potty apart to do so and then squats on one of the random pieces. hahaha We can't help but laugh and she thinks its funny too!

Well that about wraps up our Summer so far up until this week.  I'll be back on Tuesday to recap again and I'm making a promise to myself to take more pictures!!! Thanks for taking a peek into the Richardson life!!! XOXO


  1. Great summer recap! BTW I love the sunset picture - BEAUTIFUL!!

  2. Thank you!!! One of my favorite pictures too!!! :)

  3. Making a comment so you know I read the blog, LOL!! Now let's see if there is one next week... 😜


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