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Whew! That was one action packed 3 day July 4th weekend!!! I took soooo many pictures, I'm still sorting through all of them.  I thought I would recap last week and then I'll do a separate post for our first overnight trip to the ranch and then another post just on July 4th or else this one may be a mile long. #aintnobodygottimeforthat #haha

Like I had mentioned, the boys haven't done any camps as of yet so we just take the week as it comes. It usually goes something like this.  We had stuff planned for almost every day!  We went to swim at my moms on Tuesday! Libby found some adorable festive glasses to put on! 

On Wednesday we went to the mall as I promised the kids they could play some games at Dave n Busters. Its half price on Wednesdays so the game card lasts a bit longer ;)

I sent this pic to Tyler and his first comment was, "I hope she is never on the back of a real motorcycle." To which I totally agree but this is just so cute of Libby holding on to her bubba. 

It's near impossible to go to the mall without riding the carousel!!!! So we do! Lol! DeDe is almost always with us at the mall too :)

Cooper was enjoying it too!

Still not too big to ride a carousel #finebyme 

Lego stop is another must at the mall!

Sweet Siblings #mostofthetime

Dipping Dots is another favorite and typically towards the end of our mall trip if they have had good behavior, they get some.  They will do anything for ice cream!!! #runsintheirblood

This kid would absolutely still ride in a stroller if I let him.  He claims his legs are hurting quite frequently.  It's something we always laugh about. This piggy back ride only lasted about 30 seconds. Lol!

Thursday was a busy and fun day!  We met some friends at the Safari Park in Plano.   It just opened up and I had heard great things about it so we thought it would be a good idea to check it out.  It was really clean and they make all the kids wash their hands before entering.  Lots of climbing and slides, a pretty neat place.  There's an area for younger kiddos too! Libby of course wanted to be with all the big kids :) 

Their best buddy Jake!!! Libby wouldn't look at the camera on purpose and Cooper was doing a little dance move. haha

She has no fear, this slide was big too!

Libby and Sydney! Aren't they precious?


And that was it! We grabbed chick fil a on the way home and Libby took a nap.

We met Daddy at Cooper fitness that evening for some swimming before dinner.

She seriously has no fear and could live in the water!!!

By the time we got home,  we were STARVING!  Swimming makes you crazy hungry!  Spaghetti was the perfect meal and we probably ate a lot more than we should have. #worthit 

I will be back tomorrow to share about our trip to the Ranch!!! Stay Cool!!!


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