Red White & Boom

We went to our annual 4th of July parade Monday morning. It poured prior to that but stopped at the perfect time and cooled the air quite a bit. I'll take 70 degrees anyday!!! We posted up with all of our friends and had the best time.

Getting all the kiddos to look and smile for a picture is near impossible. Lol.

Some of my other mama friends.  So thankful for this sweet bunch.  Libby wanted to be included with the girls :)

Libby and Daddy are waiting for the parade to start.

Love this shot! Totally captured the spirit of enjoying this patriotic day with friends!

This is our Aiden's best buddy Aiden Maxwell!!! They always have so much fun together!

And Miley too :)

I think McKinney should use this shot of Miley in their ad next year!!! I Love it!!!

The kiddos got so into the parade. They waved their flags, chanted USA, clapped and more.  I felt myself tearing up a few times. #merica 

Sadly the parade ended and I never got a family picture. (sigh) 

We hurried home to change clothes and then headed to my moms house for her 4th of July swim party!!!

Oh Libby!!!

This was funny!  I had just commented on Tyler's posture prior to this :)

These boys, not sure what they would do without each other.

She is so brave, look at her swimming out to DeDe.

My mom pulled out her selfie stick to get one of all of us!!!

Libby is rocking her swimsuit :) 

Love this guy of mine!!!

About 2pm or so, Libby started to fade.  At this point we went home and all of the kiddos took naps. The boys pretty much napped from 3 to almost 6.  We figured they needed it since it was going to be a late night.  We went across the street about 6:30 to our neighbors to hang out while the kiddos played! I didn't get anymore pictures at this point.  At 8:30 we got changed up (again) the kiddos had been swimming more and met our friends for the Big Craig Ranch Fireworks!!! They were awesome but goodness I was tired and Libby was entering meltdown mode.  We got home about 10:30 and passed out.  I did take some pictures during the fireworks but they were so dark and grainy, you couldn't even tell who anyone was. lol. 

Thanks for checking out our fun day! I definitely won't forget this 4th of July! 
Fun, Family, Friends, Food and Fireworks....Doesn't get much better than that!


  1. Love your 4th of July pictures! Looks like you guys had a great 4th - lots of memories being made.


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