The Ranch in July

Lets just go on the record that I have done 2 posts in a row.  Woo hoo!!!

This was our first ever over night trip to the Ranch since starting this ranch house well over a year ago. We still have some finishing touches to make on it but its functional and live able and its really coming together and looking awesome.  Once its all complete, I'll do a home tour of it and share with you all. 

We left Saturday afternoon, its only about a 1.5 hour drive near Corsicana.  We got there about 3pm which is like the hottest part of the day so we spent that time inside mostly.  We got the new tv out of the box and set up, brought in beds, etc...that kind of stuff.  Welcome to Diamond C Ranch

For dinner, my dad cooked burgers and once it started to cool down, we went out for a little ride.  A very very bumpy ride. Lol!  Libby is obsessed and let me emphasize obsessed with the animals.  I mean she gets so excited like she has never seen an animal before.  

This is Tyler and Libby taking a selfie with some of the animals during our ride.

Back at the ranch house, here you get a little peek at the kitchen!!! Its so cozy, I love it!!!

The boys pretending to be asleep!

All bundled up because my dad keeps the ranch house on 62. Lol!

The boys did some shooting! #boyswillbeboys

My idea of shooting is a lot different. Once the lighting was perfect, I switched Libby's outfit and was dying to get some shots of her out on the land and with this extremely old tractor we found by the barn.  I'm sure it was my grandfathers or maybe even older than that.  Here are several of Libby that I just love.  I couldn't narrow it down much!

I'm going to treasure these shots, this captured her little spirit so perfectly and the location was so meaningful! Can't get much better than that!

We did some small fireworks, mainly sparklers!! Watching Daddy get it all ready!
They probably asked about doing fireworks no less than 50 times! 

Libby watched! We let her try it briefly but that was a bad idea. lol.

After fireworks, we went back inside and watched the movie Flicka, well part of it. We laugh because that's the only movie we brought by accident.  The tv isn't hooked up to cable yet so we can only watch movies.  #wewereallsotiredanyways

The next morning was amazing. It was cloudy outside with a pretty strong breeze. It was so so nice! 

Morning hair, don't care! lol.

Here they are greeting our horse named Rio! You can't tell here but Libby loves this horse. She called Rio's name I don't even know how many times.  She would pet him too, she really has no fear.  I wish she had maybe just a little bit.

Good Morning Cooper Bear!

Just out on a morning adventure,  Rio was tagging along. 

Rio is so good with the kids.

Then when it started to get hot (actually it still felt really nice), we set up the pool for the kids. They loved it!

Pure Joy! Not a care in the world but just having fun! 

I wasn't using my nice camera the whole time, I took several iphone pictures as well!

Diesel came out a few times. He's an old man though, he prefers the comfort of air conditioning. lol.

She was giving Diesel kisses. XOXO

Let me introduce just some of our Ranch pets. :) 

This is Georgia, isn't she pretty???

This is Charlie the Bull.  Cooper claims he is his bull.  He is big and intimidating.  I try and keep a good distance from him.  I'm sure he can totally sense my fear.  

 I asked Aiden what this baby calf's name should be and he said Liberty. Quite fitting for the weekend. :) I like it!!! Cute right?

This is Freckles! Aiden's longhorn, he is good looking huh?

Rio got lots of watermelon while we were there, I'm sure he didn't want us to leave :)

He posed so nicely for the camera ;) 

So my dad was smoking some food so it made these pictures kinda smoky which totally fit the mood.  Charlie freaks me out. He stares at you like you owe him money. That's what my dad says and its so true. 

Tyler thought he could pet him....Ya right. lol. 

See him with his head down, he freaks me out.  He used to be a show bull so he is definitely tame. He is super lazy too.  I still don't trust him. haha.

We ate lunch on the front porch! I made Mix and Match Mama's frito chili pie casserole! It was a hit!!

We took one last ride to say goodbye to the animals.  It was about that time to head home...right as it was really getting hot!!! The perfect 1 night stay at the ranch but many more to come! 

Tomorrow I'll recap Monday July 4th :)


  1. Looks like a great first night at the ranch! Those pictures of Libby are precious!!

    1. Thanks friend!!! Yall will have to come check it out soon :)


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