Weekend Getaway in Galveston

Better late than never right??? Thats my motto :)

Right before we left for Galveston (the night before actually) Cooper lost his first tooth and got a busted lip! Awesome!!! 7-14-16 Just so I don't forget. He actually lost his second tooth just 4 days after that and you can already see his adult teeth growing in.  He was beyond excited which really helped his mood after the busted lip.

Okay so let me just set this up for you and so I'll never forget....How can I forget?? We leave the house by 10am or so on Friday to head to Galveston.  Our goal is to get there around 3pm.

As soon as we get on 75, there is stop and go traffic.  Like barely moving.  And according to google maps, it that way for a loooooong time!

About 30 mins in and we are still in Allen area, Aiden's motion sickness kicks in.  He yells at us, Mom I'm about to get sick, so we pull over on the side of the highway literally.  We have nothing for the poor kid to throw up in....Nothing! The only thing was Tyler's big Yeti Cup, but he declined. LOL. So I'm like, we need to pull in a parking lot, I don't like being stuck right here in the middle of the highway. So we stop at market street in allen so I can go buy Aiden some Dramamine.  Then we wait for that to kick in because he still feels terrible.  (Sigh)  And P.S. whenever trips start out bad, I get really bad anxiety its how the whole trip will be.  #nervoustraveler

Thank goodness he started feeling better and turned into the chattiest little boy alive. I've never seen him talk to so much.  It was a complete 360 in his mood and how he was feeling.  Traffic was still terrible. So lets just say it took us over 2 hours just to get to Dallas!

Here we are at a little diner having a late lunch.  Libby was throwing down some Salsa.

Since we had such a rough start, we entered into Houston around the time that traffic really picks up.  Ugh!!! Libby was starting to scream, her patience was gone at this point.  Nothing says road trip like a screaming toddler, traffic, and the boys asking how much longer every 5 seconds.

Lets just say we did not arrive to The San Luis (our hotel) till 6pm and we had dinner reservations at 6:45.  It took us 8 hours to get to Galveston. EIGHT!!!!!  

Our moods quickly changed though because the whole reason for this trip was to see our long time friend Lauren Greene and her son Gunner. 

We didn't get many pictures the first evening but we promised the boys they could swim. So after dinner, we all went swimming! Surprisingly their pool stays open till 2am, crazy right?

Early to Rise, gotta make the most of our day!!!

We got to the pool about 9am and pretty much had it to ourselves.  The boys went down the slide there a million times.

Miss Libby getting ready to go swimming too!

Lauren and Libby enjoying the pool.  Love these girls so much!
Just to give you some background. Lauren Greene and I go way back. I barely knew her before I asked her to move in with me in the house I lived in during College.  We become the closest of friends instantly.  We also were ZETA sisters!

Aiden and Gunner, such sweet boys!!! 

This resort is beyond beautiful!!! Its just gorgeous!!!

Libby was mesmerized by their parrot as well. We spent a lot of time looking at him.

Around 3pm or so the boys really wanted to visit the beach for a little bit. They had the best time with these boogie boards.  I met them out there shortly after Libby took a little nap.  

She preferred the sand, how adorable is this pic?

Snow cones of course!!! Yum. 

My Boys! Getting so big!

Then it was time to quickly shower and get ready for Dinner!  We were able to just walk which was nice and stopped for a picture. Its hard to see but Cooper has a major pouty face. He fell asleep in the room and did not want to wake up for dinner. lol.


After dinner, there were a lot of fun activities going on right outside the restaurant.  The kiddos wanted to all sit on this huge chair.

Then we watched a magic show and got to hold the animals too!!!

Libby would of sat like this for hours if I let her.

Then there was this fun water ride that was a part of the rainforest cafe.  It was pretty neat.

I'm sharing this pic only to show you what my hair does in extreme humidity.  Its past the point of no return here, I just had to laugh. 

Then came a fire show and cooper was picked out of the entire audience.  I was so proud of him for being brave and doing it.   He was standing so still holding on to the fire.  His left hand was making the tightest fist too. lol

Then he had to lift up one leg.  Everyone was cheering and he felt about a foot taller after doing this demonstration.  We were so excited for him!!!

That's a wrap for this night.  We had to say farewell to our friends too which was sad. We had the best time spending this special weekend with them!  Here are my loves before heading up to the room.

This is probably my favorite picture of the whole trip, all three of my babies in bed with me for some snuggles.  #heartisfull

Then next morning, we planned to swim till about noon before our long drive home. 

Coffee and a cool morning breeze by the pool, can't beat that!!

I even did the slide myself :)

That was the last picture I took from the trip.  We actually stopped at the ranch on the way home so we could all get out, stretch our legs and let the kiddos play for a bit.  Getting home wasn't near as stressful as it was leaving.  Thank goodness! 

Hope you enjoyed checking out our short trip to Galveston!


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