Happy Halloween and Life Lately

Happy Halloween! The high is 86 but at least the mornings are nice. LOL!

Here are some highlights from October!

Our Sweet Libby celebrated her 2nd Birthday! I took this picture of her which pretty much sums her right up.  #sweetandspice #littleprincess

Her love for Frozen has begun so this had to happen as well! #letitgo

We also took a trip to the State Fair of Texas! It was hot but once it cooled down and starting getting dark, it was perfect! We rode several rides...well I mostly just watched. :)  It was a blast!!!

We also did the Buddy Walk with the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas down at victory park.  It was our first time but we thought it would be a good experience and I'm so glad we did it.  Here is a little video that captures the event.  I think I got teary eyed about 20plus times while we were there.  It just makes us want Willow here with us that much more.  

We were so thankful to have the other half of the Richardson crew with us.  Family support means so much.

On Libby's actual birthday,  I took the kiddos out for pictures just by our house and it was such a quick and enjoyable shoot.  I'd love to share but I'm going to save for Christmas cards.  

This one of Cooper though is seriously the cutest! He hopped into this pose and said, Mom take a picture of me.  Lol.  Of course I jumped right on that opportunity.

Here's a collage of them at the park afterwards.

This was our first year at the Harvest Party with our Lifegroup from church and we just love this fine group of families.  Look at all the kiddos in their costumes. Thank you Andrea for setting this up and taking so many fabulous pictures.

At preschool, Libby walked in their halloween parade and her whole class dressed as little pumpkins.  I seriously think my heart exploded and then as soon as Libby saw me she needed a quick hug.  

Then she glanced back at us and my heart might have seriously skipped a beat.  The looks she has been giving lately and the way she tilts her head.....OH MY!

This past friday evening, we had Trunk or Treat at our church and it was our first year to go. The kiddos loved it and the weather was perfect.  I love this time of the year but I have to tell my kids about 1,568 times a day they cannot have anymore candy.  #thestruggleisreal #sugarhigh #noyoucanthavecandyforbreakfast 

Libby meant serious business about her candy!!! She's knows what's up with this whole candy gig this year. LOL!

Saturday morning was football bright and early but the rest of the day was pretty low key.  I took the kiddos to meet some friends at cosmic jump in the afternoon so they were nice and worn out after that.  We actually all snuggled in our big bed and watched Ghostbusters saturday evening.  Anytime you mention snuggling to our kiddos, they dash for our room and get under the covers.  I hope they don't get too old for that anytime soon.  

This past Sunday was Orphan Sunday.  I've been looking forward to this special day that our church talks about orphan care and raising awareness to not only how serious the need is but how we can all play a part in helping the orphan crisis.  It may not mean that you adopt a child, but there are many way to give and encourage other families who are.  

Sidenote: I had these shirts made a month or so ago and several others who are adopting bought one as well.  I thought today would be the perfect day for us all to wear them.  Can't wait until there's an extra sweetie in this picture. 

It brings me so much JOY knowing there will be One Less once we bring Willow home.   She will no longer be a part of the HUGE statistic of children that are without a family.  It's such an encouragement to have that support and to be apart of a church that takes it so seriously.  The outpouring of love from people that have reached out to us but do not even know us at all, leaves me speechless at times.  Then of course the support from our family and friends is just priceless and we are so grateful for every prayer.  We don't take any credit what so ever from this journey.  It was all ordained by God down to the tiniest details.  The only thing we are doing is saying Yes and committing to loving Willow and giving her our everything for the rest of our lives.  She will be just as much ours as our kids now.  I just can't wait for her to feel our love but most of all I know how much we will be blessed by her.  Her sweet smile, her zest for life, her joy is going to do nothing but brighten our home in ways we never understood before. 

With that said, we are so close to submitting our dossier (all of official paperwork) to China and after that it will be about 4 months to travel.  We are still praying that we can get there by March but will not know for sure until we get much closer.  For now, I'm trying to stay busy (which isn't ever a problem in our household) and I'm thankful for the pictures and videos they send me of Willow while we are thousands of miles apart.  

Here are a couple of pictures I've received in the last few weeks of Willow.  Its apparently getting cold there because you can see all the layers they put them in.  :)

I'm glad they take her out on little field trips.  I'm so thankful for the care she receives at Alenah's home.

That's a wrap for October! We can't wait to go trick or treating tonight! Pics to follow soon.

Have a great Halloween!


  1. Oh Brooke! Just so many precious pictures in one post! Sweet Willow at the end just made my day.


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