Enjoying the little things

I've been totally inspired lately by this new book I'm reading called Bloom by Kelle Hampton.  I'm actually listening to the audio version which I've recently discovered makes enjoying a good book so much easier.  I LOVE IT!

This book follows the journey of Kelle and her family as they have a child whom they find out shortly after she is born has down syndrome.  Kelle was in disbelief and grieved for a little while but quickly found the beauty in the unexpected.  And oh how beautiful it was!  Her writing inspired me and as I blog our journey, it may not be the birthdays or trips or big events that took place that I choose to share.  There may not be several pictures, there may only be just 1.  My pictures won't all be from my big girl camera and edited because I'm OCD like that....it could be a blurry picture off my iphone.  But It will just be us and simple moments that I never want to forget.  Since I was just loving  this book so much, I reached out to Kelle via IG direct message.  I told her how much I loved her book and vulnerability in it.  I also told her about Willow and a little bit about our story too.  

And Guess What? She responded shortly after.  I pretty much squealed and told Tyler to pause This is Us on the tv.  We exchanged a few messages and it just made the book I was reading come to life even more.  

I recently re watched a precious video of our Cooper at only 21 months pretending to read a book and talking in his super sweet raspy voice that he still has. It made my eyes water instantly and I seriously almost had forgot how he used to talk when he was really small.  His own version of talking and it was like heaven to listen to again.   How could I have almost forgot that?? Yes I'm thankful for the video documentation, but I wish I had more of those moments written down. Because there isn't always a picture or a video to go along with it you know. 

It really is in the little things, that make me so so happy.  Libby just moved in to her big girl bed upstairs. We have been working on her new room the last couple of months. She will be upstairs now and Willow will have Libby's previous room so she can be downstairs. 

Here is Libby's big girl room that I shared recently on IG. If you aren't following already, you can do so @embraceandgrace

I found the white iron spindle bed on wayfair.com.  The Bedding is from Target.  Most of the decor was all from her previous room.  The gold dots I ordered off amazon prime and they definitely give you the most bang for your buck. They are so easy to stick on too.  We had her room painted Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore.  Its the perfect Grey....I wish my entire house was in that color.  
It's really coming together.  I still have all of her clothes downstairs in her other room just cause its easier and more accessible there.

The first night in her new bed was tough.  Tough on both of us.  Libby is extremely strong willed and the girl has got some lungs.   Not to mention, she wasn't even sleeping good in her crib prior.  She would wake at least once from 1-4am usually and I would bring her into my bed.  Such a bad habit and something I didn't do with my first 2.  The things the 3rd child can get away with is practically anything. lol!

So her moving into a new room and a new bed with no more visits to my bed, kind of felt like a break up.  Every time she came into to our room, I soaked in those cuddles and loved feeling her little body nestled under my arm.  I had to mentally and emotionally prepare for the big switch.  I put it off several times and then finally, I knew I had to help her do this! We all needed better sleep and I knew that once Willow is here, I can't have 2 kiddos in our room.  

By the 4th night, Libby was way less resistant and did not get out of her bed at all.  I put a pillow on the floor and kneeled down right next to her bed and leaned my head on her bed.  It makes her feel like I'm laying down with her.  I tried the whole, lay in bed with her till she falls asleep. Nope. That didn't work.  

We also got her a little stuffed animal that plays music and shoots stars on the ceiling.  I think it really helped with the transition.  While she drinks her milk, I read her a book and then we sing songs all while she is laying in bed.  Tyler is in the room with us too, we both always lay all of the kids down together unless one of us is not home.  Then I just lay there quietly next to her kneeling close by.  Sometimes I play with her hair to help her relax.  She usually has to be touching me in some way.  She might lay her hand over mine or put her cheek up to my hand so she feels really close to me. 

I stay that way by her bed quietly for at least 10-15 mins.  When I'm just being still and quiet next to her is usually when I pray a long silent prayer of all the things I'm thankful for or anything that is on my heart.  It's such a quiet moment with sweet lullabies playing in the background and my dear Libby snuggled close by.  It really is a special time I try to soak in every single night. 

Now that she has been in her bed for over a week now, I don't have to stay until she is fully asleep.  I can get up, give her a kiss and leave the room.  She will stay quiet and calm.  We are so proud of her and she lights up when she sees our excitement for her big achievement.  We dance and sing and she gives us her shy smile and then comes in for a big hug.  She gives the best hugs.  She must learn them well from her brother Cooper.  She wraps her arms tight around your neck and doesn't let go. 

It's those small things that really take up so much room in our hearts.  

That is all for now, but I'll be sharing my word for 2017 on the next post as well as more details on why I changed my blog name.  And what all of it means to me! 


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