Willow-the wait is almost over

I thought I would start this post off with some pictures that Willow's teacher sent me from her birthday celebration at school.  This picture melts my heart every time I look at it.....which is a lot! I love her so much.

Our girl knows how to eat some cake....she will fit right in. :)

I have no words. 

This next picture is Willow's teacher showing her the video of us singing Happy Birthday.

I think the question we get asked most often is, when will we get her?  The planner in me wishes we knew that exact day for certain but we do not.  We do have a pretty good idea at this point when we might get to meet her though.  "Gotcha Day" is the day we will meet precious Willow and she will forever be with her family and this always happens on a Monday in China. However back home, in Texas its technically a Sunday because of the time change.

We just received our Letter of Acceptance which is the formal acceptance that Willow will be matched to our family.  We are sending our i800 off this week which is the next big step.  Based on the averages of wait times for the next few steps we have left, it's looking like our Gotcha Day could be April 9th. I'm praying and hoping for March 26th but that is a little out of reach at this point. Not impossible though. The Sunday between those 2 dates is a holiday in China which is why our Gotcha Day would likely get pushed to April 9th.

Regardless, I know it will be here in a blink.  I'm soaking in our family of 5 how it is now and getting lots of love from my babies as I know I'll be sharing them soon with an extra gift from God in just a couple of months.  It does feel like we have waited so long but it also has gone by quick at the same time.  It's basically about the same length of time of a pregnancy.  From the start of the process till we have here in our arms, it will be about 8.5-9 months.  God teaches us patience and prepares our hearts during this time like only he can do.

It's been fun and surreal working on her bedroom and getting everything ready for her.  Here is the Willow tree that my cousin Hailey helped me assemble.  

All in, it took about 8 hours.  Every single piece came separate with little instruction.  I was overwhelmed just thinking about getting it done but it was totally worth it and I love what it represents. Its not just a cute vinyl art we wanted to add for decor.  It's so much more than that. If you want to see my original post about our Journey to Willow, you can click here.

I wanted her room to be fun and cheerful but also soothing and not too overwhelming. I love love love these signs my friend Amanda made for me.  Check out her etsy shop here.

It's not complete yet, but its getting there and it just makes it all more real that she will be enjoying her own space in no time. Her own room.  Her own crib.  Her own toys.  Her own clothes...the list goes on.  Something she has never experienced.

We did a video chat with her a couple weeks ago and showed her her bedroom.  Her face lit up when she saw the Pandas. She would reach out for it and point.  I'm thinking we will be bringing a little panda with us to China for our first meeting.

I love how you can see Tyler in the reflection of the mirror while I'm showing Willow her room and panda bear. 

This was such a special moment as we get to connect with her even though we are thousands of miles apart. 

I'm so grateful for the video chats we have done with her so she can begin to get used to the faces she will spend the rest of her life with.  If only she knew or could understand how much we love her and how fiercely we will advocate for her show her the love of a family.  I'm praying for her heart as its fast approaching when her life will change forever.  Most of what is about to take place will be so scary for her.  She won't understand why she is being placed into new arms and the magnitude of loss she might be feeling is something we can't understand either.  All I know is that we will love her through it and be there for her the best way we can.

I'm definitely already feeling the nervous excitement of that big day as we are getting closer and closer. I mean, how is it almost February?  In March, Cooper and I both celebrate our birthdays and before you know it, we will be leaving for China.  It's crazy, exciting and we just feel so blessed God called us to not only adopt but called us specifically to Willow.  We know without a shadow of a doubt that she will bless our family in ways we could of never imagined.

We also anticipate for it to be hard and challenging as well.  We by no means have our blinders on and think that this journey will be easy.  We know it will not be.  We welcome those challenges and will try to embrace each season we are thrown into. 

Each story is different and unique so I can only speak for our family and our experience.  I will try my best to document all the ups and downs we face so I can see the growth over the years.  I want to remember how we felt in particular moments of time and how we pulled through it.  

Willow's teacher just sent me this photo of her and Beau (which is her best buddy) all dressed up for the Chinese New Year celebration they had at school.  

It's crazy to me how many layers are under that dress too.  Beau and his parents will be united very soon, I'm so very excited for them.  I'm praying for their little hearts as they won't get to spend day after day with one another.  I know they have brought love of comfort and fun to each other.  I have so many adorable pictures of them together.  Beau's mom and I have been in contact with each other and we hope to get them back together one day. 

I can't extend enough appreciation for all the love, support and prayers.  We are so Grateful! You can still purchase one of these super cute inspirational necklaces here.

Half of the proceeds through January will go towards our adoption.  For any of necklaces found in the shop.  We sincerely can't thank you enough!



  1. We're praying for your family, Brooke! And we can't wait to meet precious Willow!

    1. Thank you friend....we are soooo excited!!!

  2. Oh Brooke! That first pictures just melted my heart. I cannot wait to hug on that girl myself! She is just so precious! And the willow tree in her room turned out BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    1. Thank you! Her birthday pictures get me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  3. The willow tree was worth every painstaking second. It's amazing. And MY GOODNESS your girl is precious!!!!!

    1. Thank you friend. I'm so happy with the tree, so glad I didn't give up. :)

  4. Hi, Brooke! I found your blog through Shay's. Your Willow is absolutely precious!!! I can't wait to follow along with more of your adoption posts. Many prayers for safe travel & smooth delivery of baby girl to her forever family.

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comments and prayers! We are so excited!!!


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